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Premarital Agreements/Counseling

All marriages are based upon a contract. The only question is whether you, or the California State Legislature, will write the terms that govern your marriage. Take control of your married life. Write, or at least make sure that you understand, the terms of the biggest contract of your life. The Law Offices of Brook Radelfinger, drafts, reviews and explains, and writes Premarital / Prenuptial agreements ("Prenups"), including custom agreements.  If you do not want to enter into a premarital agreement you can schedule an appointment for premarital counseling and learn how to protect your separate property and avoid costly legal mistakes without an agreement.

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Family Law

This law firm focuses on all matters of family law, including child custody, divorce, and alimony issues.  The goal is to help you reach an amicable resolution, providing legal counseling and support during one of the most challenging times of your life.   If litigation is unavoidable, Brook Radelfinger will represent your interests in a professional, firm, and courteous manner, aiming to minimize conflict and cost while maximizing results. 

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About Us/Helpful Resources

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, Brook Radelfinger represents clients on a wide variety of issues related to marriage and family. Caring, empathetic, and efficient, she helps resolve issues or prepare your documents quickly and amicably, with the least possible cost, both financial and emotional, to you and your family.

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Spousal Support/Alimony

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Contact our law firm at (855) 251-1136 in San Francisco, California, for more information regarding custom Premarital / Prenuptial (Prenups) Agreements, Family Law Issues or basic Estate Planning.

Receive the personalized legal representation you deserve at the Law Offices of Brook Radelfinger. Our family law firm represents clients throughout San Francisco Bay Area, California.  It is located at the eastern border of St. Francis Woods in Westwood Park near Sunnyside.  The office is fully handicapped accessible and there is usually convenient street parking, often for free.  Public transportation is accessible via the 23 Monterey line and we are a fifteen minute walk from the Balboa Park Bart Station.

(855) 251-1136

769 Monterey Blvd. Suite 6
San Francisco, CA 94127

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